Quiz #3: Important Terms Part 2

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You will use the important terms listed below to analyze texts that you will read this semester, including the essays in Fifty Great Essays and The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. Use a dictionary, a literary handbook, and Google to define the terms listed below. 

In this quiz, many of these terms overlap with Important Terms Part 1, but this time, you will apply these terms to language and text analysis, rather than merely defining the terms.

The purpose of this quiz exercise is for you to see HOW to go about writing specific kinds of language/text analysis.

Before you get started, also read the Style and Language Analysis Guide.

Important Terms Part 2: 

allusion, alliteration, character, dialog/monologue/reported speech, diction (word choice),flashback, hyperbole, irony (situational, verbal, dramatic), metaphor, narrative structures (e.g. fictional plots, journals, stream of consciousness, essays, academic inquiry, etc.), point of view, appeals to audience (pathos, logos, ethos), personification, repetition, similes, symbols, tone.


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