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Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Advocates

at Fullerton College!


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The purpose of this Canvas Shell is to highlight LGBTQIA2S+ events and discuss what we would like to be doing and what changes we would like to see happen on our campus. 

A group of individuals on campus have been meeting for roughly the past four years in relation to getting LGBTQIA+ services and support going.  This Advocates page was started by Lisa Macafee ( who identifies as autigender non-binary. 


LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Program @ FC 

The LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Program consists of dynamic events and services created to support the needs of the lgbtqia2s+ campus community at Fullerton College. We strive to create a safe space for students to express themselves, connect with each other, and discover their unfolding identities, while prioritizing their mental health and wellbeing.   

You can now find the LGBTQI2S+ Resource Program in Building 500, Room 512 at Fullerton College. In addition to monthly events on campus, we offer academic counseling services, mental health check ins, and general LGBTQIA2S+ Community support. 


Contact the LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Program 

For general inquiries, support, or questions reach out to 

The LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Program is in the Student Development and Engagement Offices located in Building 500, Room 512-02. We are open Monday-Thursday from 9am – 4pm. We are closed Monday-Thursday from 12pm – 1pm for a reset hour. 

Please consider following FC LGBTQ+ on Instagram or Facebook for community events and announcements relating to the queer community.  Check out our FC LGBTQIA+ Website, too! You can always find links to our event zooms and other important info via our social media link tree.


LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Program Staff :

Kayla Mock-Schneller (she/her)

LGBTQIA2S+ Projects Coordinator 

Ariel Gentalen (they/them)

LGBTQIA2S+ Program Liaison 

Yanel Bueno (they/them) 

LGBTQIA2S+ Community Therapist

Lisa Macafee (they/she) 

LGBTQIA2S+ Academic Counselor

Monthly Queer Events at Fullerton College

Each month, the LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Program puts on a variety of events to foster LGBTQIA2S+ community and connection on campus. For an up to date schedule of events, check our LGBTQIA2S+ Instagram!

Our monthly reoccurring programs include: 

  • Queer Social Hour: A community group that discusses various topics and creates space for LGBTQIA2S+ students at Fullerton College to connect with each other. 
  • QTBIPOC Processing Group: A safe space to discuss the challenges LGBTQIA2S+ folks experience and the impact on their mental health. Feel heard, seen, and validated. Join us to learn more about coping skills to manage day to day challenges. 
  • Queer Book Club: Organized and faciliatated by FC Librarian Monique Delatte, this group meets once a month to discuss a book centering LGBTQIA2S+ experiences.  FC library has free copies of books for participants. If you're interested in joining, please request a free copy via curbside pickup!

Change Your Gender, Pronouns, or Name

Did you know you can update you personal information so everyone will see the name and gender you want them to see? Instructors, feel free to share this information with your students. Student, please feel free to utilize this info! 

Gender identity and chosen name may be used on unofficial records and documents maintained by the District, and in situations where a legal sex and legal name are not required by law or District policy. That means it will show up on Canvas and on professor's rosters.  It will still be possible for instructors to find your legal information, but this will be the first thing your professor sees!

Change your gender, name, and/or pronouns on the student information change form (Links to an external site.). For more information, please see our Chosen/Preferred Name, Gender Identity, & Pronouns website! 


Preferred/Chosen name will appear:

  • myGateway/Canvas
  • Class/grade rosters
  • Commencement program
  • Dean’s List
  • Diploma
  • ID card
  • Email display and username (coming soon)
  • Activity rosters (coming soon)

Legal Name Will Appear:

  • Billing statements
  • Enrollment verification
  • Financial aid documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Medical documents
  • Official and unofficial transcripts
  • Employee Paychecks/W2
  • 1098-T Tuition Statement
  • Student Schedule/Bill

LGBTQ+ Advocates Listserv

We have an listserv which has about 70+ staff, faculty, and admin who have expressed interest.  Anyone is able to send messages to the group with this email.  We also have an LGBTQ+ Advocates Staff and Faculty List here.

Queer Studies at Fullerton College

SOSC 130 F Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

w/ Professor Liz Sanchez,

Check the course catalog to see the listing for upcoming semesters! 

This course examines the intersections of heterosexism, racism, classism, ableism, and other systems of power within the context of LGBTQ political struggles in the U.S. and on a global level. We will assess structures of power with a transformative lens utilizing queer theory and social movement discourse. We will examine the application of knowledge in political work. 

Creating Safe & Inclusive Spaces for LGBTQ Students

Fullerton College Faculty, Dr. Amber Rose González, presents an analytical toolkit based in critical ethnic, gender, and queer studies. Frameworks from these fields are applied in order to better understand issues LGBTQ+ students, staff and faculty face in higher education, generally, and at NOCCCD campuses, specifically.

Creating Safe & Inclusive Spaces for LGBTQ Students 

Beyond FC: Resources & Information 

Please feel free to check out our new resource list complete with LGBTQ+ Centers, Safe Space resources, LGBTQ+ Health & Testing Centers, TED Talks on LGBTQIA+, LGBTQIA+ History links, and LGBTQIA+ Entertainment.


POC fist on trans colored flag with rainbow in background  

LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Project Resource Guide: A Community Manual for Local & National Queer Resources

Salvador Navarro at El Camino College and his team created this amazing resource guide.  Some is specific to El Camino, but most are Southern California resources that we could all use as well.  
"This guide is dedicated to providing you with information on free and low-cost resources on a range of Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual + (LGBTQIA+) services. It also functions as an educational tool when interacting with members of this community. This manual will serve as a starting point in understanding and addressing the needs of the queer student population and allies who may be unsure of where to begin their search for access to tailored resources."